Spread of different meshes


My problem is that I would like to have a spread of different meshes.

I can have a spread of the same mesh (connecting a spread in an input pin of the mesh), but it seems impossible to have a collection of different meshes, due to the fact that we don’t have appropriate functions for node type (like SetSlice, or a spreadable Switch(Node) ). So I have to repeat manually a big part of the process chain I want to apply to my meshes, which is not satisfying and is very limiting.

Maybe I’m the only one who wants to do this (didn’t find other case in the forum), but is there a trick to go round this problem ?

Thank you for your help,


XFile (EX9.Geometry Load) is now spreadable.

Thank you for your fast help !

In a first time I wanted to use the predefined meshes of vvvv (like Box or Sphere), but it’s not a problem if I use Writer(EX9.Geometry XFile) to generate their X Files once for all, then load them with XFile node.

So I have a solution (but not the perfect one).

But another question :
Is there a problem of performance to access a XFile several times ?
This is for the case I would like to have several times a particular mesh (among all the different meshes). For example, to have such collection :
mesh 1
mesh 2
mesh 3
mesh 3
mesh 3
mesh 4

alo matt,

simply specify a spread like you mentioned as a spread of filenames to the xfiles Filename input. that way you’ll get a spreaded mesh as you expect.

OK !
Thank you !!