Spread of Bangs

Hi vvvvers,

How can I bang multiple slices in a spread of bangs?

What I am trying to is the following: I’m having a CreateNode with a spread of 3 IDs and a bigger list of about 40 strings with patchnames. I want to create 3 subpatches, with one klick. With the next klick, I want 3 different subpatches to replace them, and so on.



CreateNodeQuestion_.v4p (11.9 kB)

Okay… found it out by myself :-)

CreateNodeQuestion_solved.v4p (17.8 kB)

Aaaahhh… I thought I’d have found a workaround, but somehow it doesn’t work. I don’t get the bangs I need ;-) Somebody please have a look at that patch.

Bang_Problem.v4p (28.1 kB)

Dunno if this might work, can’t really test it without the scenes you want to use. The biggest hint I can give is the select node (but you can use a resample just the same, if that makes more sense) to repeat the original bang.

On your patch, near the togedge, when you switch from 1,1,1 to 1,1,0 only the 3th value will change, so only the 3th value will toggle. So only one new patch will be loaded.

Bang_Problem2.v4p (25.9 kB)

Hi Westbam,

Thanks for the help. With your Patch all the CreateNodes get their bang. My problem is, that I want to be able to choose wich CreateNodes get the bang, and which don’t. For example In scene 0 I need the first 3 patches, in scene 1 I need to change the frist two of them, but the 3rd one will stay. Then I need to change the first and the 3rd one… and so on. In your patch - if I understood it correctly - I neither can’t choose which patches to change, nor the patches which will replace them.


I didn’t really understand where you where going to with that patch, but if you are not sure about receiving bangs, just attach a counter node and see how it counts, because your last patch seems to do what it should.