Spout to Resolume


trying to set up Spout so I can share to Resolume (both for EX9 and DX11). downloaded the oldest alpha I could get but still get a red node for the spoutsender. Its definitely not in the path suggested. Any help much appreciated.


why the oldest alpha? get the newest one and use the Spout (EX9.Texture Sender) module. if it is red, please open Renderer (TTY) and create the spout node again to see if there is an error.

thanks for getting back to me Joreg. So I can only run the Spout nodes in a an Alpha version? If that’s the case do I get my contributions and packs to run in the alpha. Tried but failed dismally…

yes, Spout is still alpha for now and will be shipping with beta35.

if you’re using an alpha version and have troubles with individual contributions/packs (which is possible) then please let us know details in the alpha forum.