Splitting 1 video into 2 projectors

Hi All,

I have a video file in size 2048X768 (width of 2 screens) that I need to project on 2 walls.
I need to split the video, and project each half of it on a projector.
I don’t need any blending etc., just splitting and send each half to projector.
my questions are:

  1. how do I split the video?
  2. Do I need to use 2 renderers (on for each projector)?
  3. If I need 2 renderers, how do I assign each renderer to projector?

Thank you for your help!


I think this might be useful for your question


I forgot to mention I need to do 2d homography on each projector to fix the projector picture…
If someone can advise. please…


Have a look at multi-screen-homography-with-soft-edges and this catmapper