Split texture to several polygons

Hi guys!
Please, help me to solve the problem, that i can’t solve for a whole day.

I’m trying to split a texture to the constantly changing polygons. Something like in this example: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/7884
In my case there are no quads but the matrix of the quadrilaterals, that changing their shapes. I’ve tried to solve the problem using Mesh (EX9 Geometry. Join) node and spread of values​​ for the Texture Transform pin, but i failed. I’ve also tried to use Grid (EX9 Geometry) and some others tricks, but everything comes down to one of the problems: either a quadrilateral can’t change over time (such as the Grid) or a mesh don’t properly supports spreads in Texture Transform pin.

As an excellent illustration of my question, here is the patch of one of the Parasite Design lessons. How i can put one big texture to all of this polygons?

Thanks for any solution ideas!

P_2_1_2_04.v4p (46.1 kB)

you are probably looking for this: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8353

thanks tonfilm!
It’s very close to what i need, except for one thing — texture on each peace should not act as a mask, and should distort (i mean stretch and shrink) with the changes of polygons.
Is it possible to achieve this effect by making changes in the Projected plugin code? If so, i’m going to read some HLSL tutorials :)