Split string with Text(EX9.Geometry)

how can I easily split words in a phrase with Text(EX9.Geometry)to fill a given with, just as Text(EX9.Texture) does?
I ve tried with separating and splitting but I can t figure out how to do it.

split string.v4p (5.6 kB)

bounding box ur friend
u split by subsets and calculate kernelling and positions depending on bounding box
u prolly can calculate that on paper first easyly…

Wouldn t Bound fail in case of larger deviation? Like when a row of short words come together or longer ones? I am trying now to integral and split the spread when the total of letters reach a given amount…

Ok i got a version here although it seems a bit over complicated… also it works for me as I know the maximum number of letters I ll have and how many lines I want but it s not automatically adjusting otherwise.

split string.v4p (22.0 kB)