Split screen

Does anybody knows the best and efficient way to create a split screen in the final render (multiple angles of seeing the same object)…i’ve thought about 3 or 4 different renders connected on a spreaded grid or quad via dx9 textures…but my dx9 textures looks pixellised (why?)…a way to do it with less cpu conso?


have a look at the MultiScreen (EX9 SpanMode) module. it demonstrates the use of multiple viewports.

note that there is a hidden “Viewport Transform” pin on the Renderer (EX9) which you can enable via inspektor

I’ve tried Multiscreen …Thanx…it works…quick and smoothy…
but how to divide the screen into other forms than the simple grid(for exemple: 2little and a big one…)and have different views of the same object in each ones?

you can open the MultiScreen module by rightclicking and examine how it realizes the multiple views. basically it is about a spread into the view/projection pins to define multiple views and another spread into the “Viewport Transform” pin to define how these multiple views are layed out in the renderer.