Split Flap Unit


I am trying to make a split flap display simulator which ultimately I will hook up to a dmx desk.

For the DMX each unit will have 2 channels, Flap Index and then Progress.

Flap index will select which flap is to be selected and then the progress acts like a fader running from 0-100% and therefore the speed of the effect.

For this I have created a patch called Split Flap Wall. Within this is a subpatch call Split Flap Unit.

At the moment I am concentrating on just the subpatch. My big problem is that I am trying to set the previous flap iobox once the target flap is reached but I cant seem to. I get the feeling its because of how the dependencies of the nodes work and this would create some sort of unallowed loop?

I hope I have annotated it well enough to understand


Split Flap Unit.v4p (44.9 kB)

framedelay might what u looking for

feedbackloop.v4p (4.0 kB)

Great thank you. I thought I had tried this but clearly not!