Sorry guys
but how to do a spirale?

thx tom

simple: put a linear spread in the “Length” and “Angle” Pins of the “Vector to Points” Node and connect the “X1” and “Y1” Pins with a “Transform” node

o bu ti looks like this:

I whnat to hae e ciruclar thing tahts swals get closer to the middel point

spirale.v4p (3.4 kB)

set input of linear spread to “1.0000” and width to “2.0000” and see what happens.

or have a look at “the rolling spiral.v4p”. you’ll find it in #8888ff:beta12/girlpower/+curves/spiral
it’s a really beautiful patch.
and i hope to understand it soon.

like this?

spirale.v4p (4.5 kB)

also have a look into the girlpower folder. there sould be a spiral!

thx for reply! It’ works Great.

peace tom

try Vector2Points and two linearspreads for length and angle …