Spiral out of quads

hi guys!

i am currently working on a prototype for an interactive installation showing the results to the theoretical topic of my master thesis (dealing with design backgrounds and psychology of perception). unfortunately i haven’t managed becoming an vvvv-pro yet and i haven’t got much time left finishing the work.

basically i am trying to generate a 2d spiral/helix within 3d space. the spirals rotation is within the x/z-plane, additionally there is a change of position on the y-axis.

i tried some different approaches but the one using quads seemed most realizeable to me (and my vvvv-skills). (“rope” is unfortunately only 2d, “line” is getting too intense for either my cpu or graphics card, and with meshes and the whole vertices stuff i am not that familiar.)

dealing with quads for the spiral i have 2 major problems:

  1. dealing with the principles of polarcoordinates for the spiral movement: with increasement of the (vector)length the distance between the quads increases too, so that after a short while gaps start to show up, but i’d suppose the spiral to look like a continuous line. - can anyone imagine a way to get rid of the gaps by like keeping the distances between the quads constant or fill them up?

  2. i don’t know how to handle the z-buffer right. the first drawn quads are always on top. you will see what i mean by changing the slider “Aplitude/Lineweight” which affects amongst others the color of the spiral.

i hope some of you have some useful hints for me.
thanks a lot in advance and good night,

ps: the ColorBlend patch is just doing the right blending of colors.

Spiral.zip (8.2 kB)