Speed Of The Random(Value) Output


I’m and hope to have many fruitful discussions here, but enough abou that.
Random(value), the thing is too damn fast, I need something that generates random values at the speed I choose. I managed to do it with an lfo and random(spread), but it gave me negative as well as positive values, which is no good.

Any suggestions…?

Thank You

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Then choose your timing with the LFO period

You can use integer mode(Set the scale e.g. 100) of the randomValue and then map the output

Concerning RandomSpread, if you set Input to 0.5 and leave Width to 1, you’ll see how all the spreaded values will range between 0…1. So if you need a range, or better a Width of 1.000 and no negative values, you would set Input to 500.
See attached patch.


random (4.4 kB)

just connect the change output of an LFO to the enabled pin of the Random.


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you don’t even need an additional node.

just connect the LFO.Change to the Random.Enabled Pin.