SpeechSynthesis doesnt seem to be working in beta26

As far as I have tried to get this working with the Microsoft speech api sdk installed I cannot. The node allways shows up pink. Is there any chance of getting a zip of a working help file with the right dll and a specific dependancy list?

works here with the Microsoft Anna voice already installed in W7

opening the helppatch of SpeechSynthesis (String) indeed came up with pink enum that has Microsoft Sam selected. changing that to Microsoft Anna as mentioned by sapo makes it work here (beta26+addonpack).

Ok thanks for the help, My next question would be why it is only able to use the Anna voice? I did try installing various other voice packs but they seem to be anavailable through the plugin, is there something special I would need todo to register the voices for vvvv?

Ok I found out a little more. seems like because I run windows 7 64 bit there are just not many voices compatable with it.

There is a fix that permits the display of all installed Voices and
the selection of any as the system default Voice. This is to


rather than using the Control Panel TTS Voice selection.

But sill only compatable 64 bit vocies will work.