+ spectral BinSize via spread in spread in vvvv gamma

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I tried to figure out how to use binsize in gamma and first I just found the hint in the graybook that these are not needed anymore due to spreads in spreads. So I tried to build a +spectral binsize. And it did work - yeai. But would also be nice to hear if there is a better option to do that though.
Also since it’s still very tough on me to use gamma for production since it just takes so so much longer. Of course that’s mainly because I am still learning - but also because I suddenly need to develop very crucial things from scratch that I just took for granted before (or I simply do not know the node name).
Main question: is there something like an addonpack (now libraries?) or similar where users contribute useful little things (like +spectral [now “sum”] with binsize or good old occurrence or a working decay filter (there is an example in the forum but… not behaving the same way)
I could not find something adequate in the libraries page in the graybook. Like a collection for beta users.

This might be what you are looking for!

hello kleiner,

since gamma is based on .NET most of what you knew as Spread/Spectral/BinSize can now be found in the under Sequence/Collection/Spread. c# LinQ provide quite a few operations you mentioned (and those are already available in vl.corelib), however, its a good place to browse for functions to get aquainted with the ‘new’/ different names of those functions msdn docs
e.g. + => sum, occurrence => Distinct (if you just want the unique ones), occurrence => GroupBy (to get the equal items grouped.

its probably a bit more low-level, a bit more work for the same functionality. but now you can easily have those functions not just for numbers/strings but for any datatype. and you can just ask google and check what how people solve those problems in c# and use the same nodes in VL

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