Specific Training in forensic and crime scene photography is available

Could someone please take the time to find out if this camera (Fujifilm Finepix S3Pro UVIR) is the ideal tool for

  • tracking infrared (extra high IR sensitivity, switchable)
  • hi-quality webcams (12 megapixels, Firewire tethered remote operation)
  • saving money (relatively dirt-chaep at ca. 1800 EUR)

What I’d like to know:

  • would it be possible to use it as a real thermographic camera? (no extra IR light in order to detect warm bodies)
  • is there a documented API to the tethered mode? So that we could make a vvvv node for it?

sorry if I’m lazy. But perhaps someone else is also interested?


yes, i’m interested too. gonna have a look

ok…did some research. u can’t use it as a thermographic camera as the wavelenght range of the CCD chip is 350nm - 1000nm. thermographic cams work close to 14000nm.

in addition capturing pictures in non-visible wavelenghts seems to be an off-line process.

excerpt fuji: To some extent the outer limits of wavelength sensitivity in the UV and IR bands become a trial and error process, this is because the CCD data must be converted by the cameras image processor to a file that can be viewed on a monitor or in a print.