Special resolutions on 2nd monitor


is there a possibility to add special/custom resolutions for the Renderer(DX9) in fullscreen mode to the 2nd output of a graphics card ? ( for example 1365x768)

For adapter #1 VVVV offers all resolutions and even custom resolutions defined with powerstrip, for adapter #2 only the basic resolutions can be chosen !?

This does not seem to be graphics card specific as it is exactly the same with nvidia and ati cards.


halo ms.

if it doesn’t work now. well it doesn’t work. but since the responsible code is currently being rewritten you can test the thing again with the next release (which will still take its time) and report back if it works then. basically vvvv askss the system what fullscreen resolution it supports. if the system doesn’t answer correctly vvvv hardly can do anything about that. but lets see what the next release says…