Spam Filter for

Dear users,

as of today we have a spam filter activated on Hopefully we will be seeing less disturbance in the future. There is a slim possibility that some of your posts will be considered spam when you submit them. If that happens, please let me know via my @vvvvebmaster.


i for one welcome our new spam filter overlords! jaenifer & eunice: i’m soo gonna miss your superstrange, sometimes almost haiku-like postings… :P

hehe m4d, your post reminds me of this:

I’m not sure the spammers actually were bots though. They obviously got past the captcha. Well we’ll see.

heh, i seem to have not seen that particular episode… :D

about teh spamming: captchas and other defense measures seem to get crowdsourced nowadays. i have no i idea how they do it though…
also spam ai seems to have progressed through time as the spam comments are matching the target pagecontent much better these days making it sometimes hard to spot them.

I am trying to post a contribution but get this error when i hit save:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function framework_get_ie_styles() in /var/www/sites/all/themes/vvvv/maintenance-page.tpl.php on line 11
that was in chrome.
trying to do the same thing in opera i am sent to:

in IE and firefox

Hi John, please try posting the contribution now. It should be working. Did you also have problems posting to the forums? If so, what did you post and what happened?

Sorry about the glitches, and thanks for reporting this issue.