Hi people,

I just started working with vvvv, and I must say that it is great, especially because I work a lot in 3d so theres a whole new world that wants to be discovered within vvvv.
Anyway actually I’m working on a project where I need to capture the position of people within a rectangular space in order to project it on a screen. I would just need 2 coordinates. Does anybody know if it had done before in vvvv or if there`s a tutorial about it? I saw a kind of ping-pong game in the gallery wich seems to be similar to that what I want to achieve. …

In the end I want to show up with an interactive game where a person simulates gravity and through his position deforms space-time. will be tricky ;-)

I will post more about the project later!

Thanks for any help somebody may give me!!!

vvvv_project_leo.jpg (320.1 kB)

search for: tracking

Thanks a lot bjoern!!!

I will do some tests soon!!