Space, the final frontier. And texture-issues ofcourse


Yesterday i was watching not Star-Trek but “Cosmos”, the documentary from 1980 by Carl Sagan and i got inspired to make my own little solar system. I came up with the patch added below. I’m pretty satisfied with the result so far being the noob that i am and i think i did a lot better than some of the animations in the documentary :) but somehow the textures of the “planets” seem distorted. Adjusting the resolution of the spheres didn’t help me and texture-transform didn’t do the trick either. Anybody any suggestions?

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See the documentary here;

Solar-system.rar (0 Bytes)

2nd try…

Solar-system.rar (2.2 MB)

which distortion do you mean? the wrong aspect ratio, or the seams going from pole to pole? the first can be adjusted with an AspectRatio (Transform) node on the renderer, the second is usually fixed by a higher sphere resolution or a change in texture behavior (e.g. Address (EX9.Samplerstate) , don’t know about shaders though…)

Im in osx at the moment so can’t look at your patch, but I did a solar system for a track earlier this year, and I came across the sphere(ex9) texture wrapping having a seam so I used a shader and set the wrap mode in that (is it u=wrap?? I think its commented out in the template fx) and that should sort it, if thats the problem of course! :P

The “wrap=u” solved the problem. Unfortunately it didn’t really solve it completely but it did limit the distortion to a point where it’s hardly visible at all, especially on the solar scale of things :) I figured it would probably be a setting i overlooked rather than requiring a different object. Thanks guys, it’s looking awesome!


Hmm I wonder if this should be filed as a bug, a sphere, should just wrap by default really?

It does appears to be reacting funky yes, i’ve created a gouraudpoint-sphere and a normal dx9-sphere and applied the same texture to both of them. The dx9-sphere shows it seamless and the wrapped-ex9-sphere somehow “mirrors” the texture. Why i don’t know.

see also

hey, i always wonder why this happens. Now im trying to add the wrap U, but its not working for me.
Is there another change that i have to make to get it working ? Does it work for all the shaders ?