"space" pin for shaders

shaders seem to have the ability to be set to projection space (like a quad) by setting it in the XML.

would be nice to have the setting avaliable in the inspector. for the meantime, there’s a workaround described in the attached patch.

constant projection.v4p (8.0 kB)

what a finding!

cheers from munich

became unnecessary in beta21. very elegant solution, thanks! :)

thx! very happy that you like it!

yes. spaces are not needed anymore.

just as a side node:
space pins were also removed from dx9 layers (like quads). however old layers with spaces still work for compatibility reasons. a quad in projection space will still behave different than one that was stored with the default world space (only there is no way of distinguishing them any longer).
so everyone is encouraged to remove those layers and build upon the new concept for patch readability reasons.