Space in split Text DX11 Geometry

Im having this weird little problem with splitting a string and feeding it into a Text (DX11.Geometry).
Works fine as long as I don’t have a space within the string. But if I have more than one word and spaces in between only the first word is getting displayed. Why is that?

-> Please see attachment and toggle the switch to see the difference.

txtPtzk_001.v4p (18.0 KB)

Seems to be a bug, best shot at getting it fixed is to create an issue on github. But I think DX11 is pretty much abandonware. Maybe you can do some trickery with alpha.

I´m not quite sure if the beta is kind of abandonware in it´s whole glory finally.
Using Gamma and Skia for this kind of stuff seems like a better idea anyway.

Alpha trickery was a good idea. Works fine, though it being some kind of workaround