Soundlight dmx


does anybody maybe have a simple example patch for the soundlight dmx control? i need to control a strobe on 3 channels… connection works fine but somehow the controler does not what i want. i have a little testprogramm from soundlight and everything works fine with it…

anyone has a glue…
anyone worked with soundlight befor?..

the 8 attachements on the “howto dmx” are not really accesible… so i can`t look for them…

would be really happy if someone could help…


i think that this here isn’t documented anywhere:

after installing the Interface
you have to place the DASHARD.DLL into the folder containing the vvvv.exe

and then restart vvvv

then everything should work.

kind regards

DMX (Devices Soundlight USBDMX) help.v4p (7.2 kB)

and one thing to remember: put the dll in the folder where vvvv.exe is - not in the bin folder where all other dlls should be. this is a bug and will be fixed some day.