Soundcard recommendation

Hi vvvvers,

Can anybody recommend me an external soundcard for a reasonable price? I would need to get input from 3 microphones via xlr and do some mixing, analysation and add effects.



Would you give some extra infos like any bus possibilities ( FireWire/USB2/3 ) and price.

Hi keftaparty,

I could use USB 2 or 3 or firewire. The price should not exceed 200 €.


I’ve tried several soundcards and always sent them back because of weird driver and reliability issues.

The only one working just perfect for me on all reasonably current versions of Windows as well as OS X is the Steinberg UR 22.

It’s very small, sturdy and actually considerably cheaper than all other models I’ve tested (Motu, Focusrite, M-Audio etc.)

Can recommend it if it meets your needs connection wise.

thank you… no text …