Sound viz with 64b windows 7

I am new to vvvv and want to make an animation driven by live sound input. I am using 64bit windows 7 and now realize that i cannot use BASS. Animation will have a lot of textures, so I put a lot of RAM in my system.

I am looking at audio demos in girlpower, and note that most use BASS. Any suggestions? Is there an implementation of BASS for 64 bit in the works?

More specifically, I am looking at the ScopeSpread (DShow9) example, and the waveform is moving in the DirectX renderer window, but I cannot hear any sound from my soundcard, is this normal?

please any suggestions are welcome. I just got this new PC with 32g ram for this project, and now see that it will not work with BASS and am a little freaked out!

why wont it work with bass? if you need asio drivers, you can use asio4all and it will turn your regular audio interface into an ASIO interface.

According the the vvvv documentation, BASS addon is missing from the 64bit build. See below:

missing in 64bit builds

unless I am miss understanding this. I admit, I have not been a real windows user since 2008, and am not an audio expert.

When I tried to use the BASS plugins, a BASS dll was missing? I will try the ASIO4all that you suggest.

although the BASS main features as listed at Un4seen Developments website does list 64 bit support.

Has anyone had success using BASS with 64bit win7?

Lo do you need 64bit? Just get the 32bit vvvv

please check
section DShow9/BeatDetection for an explanation of why in the ScopeSpread demo you don’t hear a sound and what you can do about it.

regarding bass x64: if bass offers x64 .dlls it should be very possible to get this going. sources are open:
probably just needs some tweaking of the project file…