Sound to color

Hello! I need to create simple path…i think so, but i’m just beginner and i don’t know better way for my project.
I need to display color depending on the spectrum of the input audio signal. more simply implement audio color synesthesia… can you help me?

the image is somehow missing. could you upload it again?


See attached patch for some ideas,
hope it helps a bit,

colornotechange.v4p (8.3 kB)

also check Spectrum (Color)

ok, thanks for reply. here some version of solution. for this i modified FFT node and do it with alpha channel on some 7 quads, one of it is a color tone from scheme…i don’t know. there are suspicions about that I made a mistake somewhere. What do you think?

SQv2.v4p (28.7 kB)
SpectrumAnalizer (DShow9 4Channels).v4p (96.0 kB)

hello kostos,

this is not really a solution, but i made something for you to play around with. (20.8 kB)

also: contribution/pitch-tracker