Sound issues with Bootcamp on MBP

I have the following setup:
a 15.6 inch mbp (feb 2010) with 2.8 gh processor and 128 gig ssd
dualboot setup with windows 7 ultimate edition using the latest version of bootcamp.
Installed sound driver : cirrus logic hd

When using parallels everything works fine, but the same patches running on windows 7 do not receive any sound input. I tried all kind of settings, even installed winxp pro for testing but still no sound input!!

Anyone here who experienced similar problems or does anyone knows how to solve my issue?


here is only (built-in)microphone input - no line-in.
i think it’s the bad win driver :(

For me, if I’m using the Realtek onboard soundcard, I always have to select which audio-input I want to use from within the driver control panel. AudioRecordSelector (System) usually doesn’t work in one way or another. Do you have any way to select audio-inputs from your driver panel?

Also a quick google of ‘cirrus logic hd mbp’ suggests quite a lot of people have driver issues!

running win xp SP3 under bootcamp 3.2 on a macbook pro (late 2010) with this fucking cirrus logic hc audio chip. cirrus drivers suck. i´m now using a hacked driver.

stereo mix is gone.

anyone running win7 under bootcamp 3.2. with better experiences?