Sos - problem installing vvvv


theres a nice new problem and i don’t know what to do.

old notebook - vvvv is running fine

new notebook - vvvv starts, but only the directx renderer window is show with an animation and the text " we have 40 shwops with each 21 mops"

.net framework is installed
directx is actual
fucking vista business is running ( old pc - win xp)

please help me with this little sos ;-)
i need vvvv for working on my bachelor thesis!

someone an idea?

thanks and greatings from rhine


running as administrator - and the searched window is there
vista… garrrrr

same problem here…

my first attempt running vvvv on vista

–> everything runs fine, but i don’t see any patch-window

perhaps a workaround for “compiling” exe files ^^

OK, i’ve found a solution:

you have to run vvvv once as admin.

so, R’click vvvv.exe and choose run as administrator.

after this, vvvv is runnning correct and all v4p’s are asigned to vvvv.

phu, now let’s work