Sorting of Dir-Node Output

Hi everybody,

i use Dir (File) and have various files in the selected directory.
Why is the output ‘filenames’ of the Dir (File) not sorted alphabetically?

Thx, Johannes

I think it is sorted alphabetically. Sometimes it has problems with numbered files… e.g.

the node Dir (File Advanced) has some more sorting options and works better with numbers.
hope it helps

i do not use numbered files!

the output of Dir (File Advanced) is corretly sorted (Sort Order: Name / FullName), but does not perform that good as Dir (File) (even not in combination with Sort (String) which is a wordaround).

well… is this a bug?


They’re sorted fine for me. I’m confused - you seem to say that Dir (File Advanced) is sorted correctly but “not as good as” Dir(File) which leaves a couple of unanswered questions about your post: Precisely what is the problem with Dir (File Advanced) and why is it inferior to Dir(File)? If Dir(File) is working “better” than another node which you claim sorts correctly, why do you claim that Dir(File) is sorting incorrectly? I think you need to show some examples of what you consider incorrect alphabetizing.

If the Dir node maps diectly to the .Net directory methods (which is probable) the output isn’t guaranteed to be sorted.

i have always been thinking that the simple Dir (File) is sorting the filenames alphabetically out of the box; as the Dir (File Advances) does by using ‘Sorting Name’.

But as @nerbst figured out that’s not true! Thanks!

@darrellp: i just said that the simple dir node performs better than the advaned (press strg + F9 and compare).