Sort (Spreads) former index

When using the sort (spreads) node, and having some equal values in your spread, the ‘Former Index’ pin seems to ‘random’ the sequence off the slices that are double.

I wanted to make a Sort-Module with a Binsize when I discovered this behaviour. Attached example should make it clear.

FormerIndexFix.v4p (8.1 kB)


i stumbled over the same behaviour trying to do the same module… i guess this is due to the sorting algorithm used - but this is just a guess.
actually ele has already patched a binsized sort!

yeah also had those problems last days … can’t find the binsized sort on ele userpage, where to get that one?

not sure if it’s published yet.
you may want to patch it yourself by checking the spread for the maximum and then add sequential bigger-than-max values per binsize, sort, and then subtract the added parts again…

something like this… ;)


the Sort (Spreads) node uses a stable mergesort algorithm now, check latest alpha28.3.