Something like Dir(File) for FTP-directory


i have another (perhaps and hopefully easy to answer) network question:

Does anybody have an idea how to patch something like a Dir(File) for an FTP-directory (for example ftp://root:admin@
Again tried the HTTP-nodes and also tried to adapt/understand dujoducoms FTP modules … but without real success.

Any ideas/solutions around ?


i just tried having a go at this but ran out of time
essentially i’m using ShellExecute with c:\windows\system32\ftp.exe
if you use the command line parameters
“ftp.exe -s:ftpcommands.txt hostname > results.txt”
then it’ll run a set of ftp commands from the ftpcommands.txt file and output the results into results.txt

an example ftpcommands.txt file would be:
cd (ftppath)

you then need to load the results.txt file in and comb through the string.
remember to make sure to be careful with shellexecute as it can be a security risk, but as long as you’re always running the same command it should be ok (i.e. the user cant change the commandline arguments, or the commands file)

It would be good if we can get the stdout of a ShellExecute as a pin on its output

It would be good if we can get the stdout of a ShellExecute as a pin on its output

second that. ran into that problem several times in the past…

MS DOS is able to save the output of a command line operation into a file. this is a clumsy workaround, but should work.

the command line argument “> results.txt” is there to pipe the output into a text file.
if it doesn’t work as a command line argument in vvvv, then write a batch file to run ftp with the correct arguments