Some tiny questions

Dear all,

during workshops with my students we came up with really simple questions I had no answer to. So I ask them here :-).

  • Is there an “always on top” function for Stride Renderer so that it sits on top of my patch window (like crtl+t in beta)?

  • How do I minimize the patch-window to the task-bar? It seems so obvious but I’m sure you had an idea why you won’t let me so so ;)

  • a bit annoying: When duplicating an IO-Box and selecting the created one, it always selects the original one:

  • Would it be possible to create something like a “midi-learn” function for Integer/Boolean IO-Boxes? (I’m thinking of an add-on-thing like the “key-mouse-display”; and of course it’s not limited to midi-learn only) Or is there already something like that? I remember the Kontrolleur from beta (not midi but kind-of similar).

Still enjoy patching a lot! Thanks in advance and all the best,

not built-in yet, but there is the VL.WinformsUtils nuget where you have a SetAlwaysOnTop node

i’am afraid atm this only works if you have no render windows. then you can click the icon in the taskbar to minimize vvvv. the reason is to save the space of a titlebar that the min/max/close icons would bring with them. this will have to be improved.

that looks like a proper bug indeed.

patching a midilearn is entirely possible. here is a (rather old) proof of concept. we already have the osc learn as part of the official osc nodes.

and yes, kontrolleur is now rabbitcontrol is also waiting for a better integration.

alright, thanks for your reply joreg! Will check out vl.winformsUtils.

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