Some questions of homography

Hi to everybody, i’m new in this forum, i’m starting with vvvv and after working and reading a lot about this soft, i arrived to the point that i can’t continue: I need to make a perspective transform of a projector output, now i’m doing it with Homography (tranform2d) node, i can work with this node… but i think that the final result becomes better if i have more adjustment points.
This is my question: ¿someone knows some way to implement the adjustment point in the x vector?
I try to modificate all the logic variables like original point, i implemented the spreads, the variables of the iobox “screenspace point”…
and the other question is if someone knows some node that i can use to making a prespective tranform with more than 4 points?

in advance thanks for every think and sorry for my poor english

hey there. there is a node called GridEditor that gives you as many points as you like. It think that may be what you’re looking for. Find the node, create it and press F1 for help with it.

But hang on, are you trying to line a projection up with a square screen (4 points)? If so the homograph is all you need.

@xd_nitro: Yes you’re right the Homography node can only take 4 reference points. I’m not sure about the implementation but i guess it’s the one with linearsolver.

Homography transform outputs a 3x3 matrix so you will not be more accurate with more point.

To line more than 4 points you can build stuff around using b-spline.

really thanks xd_nitro & vux, grideditor is a beri good node, but i think that is more oriented to make corners and ajust the projection to a no plane or convex projection surface like a sphere, now i’m using the PointEditor node, this give you 4 horizontal adjustment points and 10 vertical, tomorrow at night i want to try it wit a 4k lumen projector ,
I’dont try the b-spline node but i have it in my head, rally thanks means and sorry for my poor english.