Some questions about animation in VVVV

Good day!
I have a few questions about animation:

  1. I need to make an animation loop. For example I have Collada-animation and i want that it cyclically repeated. Only a part of the frames playing,when i open collada animation and use LFO, not all frames. I need loop my animation frames.

  2. Is it possible to make patches animation playing each other? (as layer frames in Resolume Arena 4) For ex, i have 3 patches with it animation. How realise this stuff?

  3. Can you briefly explain how to use timeline? It’s done clearly in other programs like 3D MAX . How can i make complex animations? Has VVVV this possibility?

4)Is any pdf-book about VVVV (except online documentation )? I live in Moscow and VVVV-books are like “White crow”)). There are no books in Moscow about VVVV…

  1. multiply lfo output by length of your animation (reported by collada node if I’m not mistaken)

  2. just input same lfo in all of them, if they have different length multiply that in there as in 1)

  3. have a look at Timeliner but note that you can a lot of cool stuff not easily possible in other packages through spreading (take a look at Disperse)

  4. no idea, sorry :)

  1. uprazhneniia