Some Geometry missing when drawing Quads at vertex positions with Geometry Shader

Hi all,

I try to draw hardcoded geometry at the incoming vertex positions of a grid. Kinda works, but the output is missing the first row of points. Seems as if some of my out geometry is overlapping, but I really don’t know where I am going wrong. Any tipps appreciated! (1.9 KB)

There is quite few contribs and examples, how to do that, you can start pretty much with sprite node
Also i think you can look on to PointEditorCS it should do exactly that… Draw geometry as point buffer

Anyways, you need to change topology first…
vertex (3.2 KB)

this was due to you say point here:
but your input was triangle, so you took only first or last point of triangle…

Feeding with GeometryBuffer and pointlist topology works as expected.
Thank you!

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