Some Fonts are not visible

Hi guys,
here an other bug report.
I’ve noticed now updating an old project to latest gamma (5.3-0001), that some Windows default fonts are not visible.
Not sure when was the breaking point, the project i mention here was initially made with 2021.3.3
Bahnschrift is one of them.
Visible in the Windows font visualizer but not in gamma.

to help us speed up fixing this, please tell us the last version of vvvv this works with and the first version you see it fail.

Sorry Joreg, that looks like a long and tedious task and i don’t have the time now to do it.

no problem. just something for you to help if it has importance for you.

but you could probably at least tell us which exact version you’re now experiencing this issue with. because “latest gamma” in 2 month may have a different meaning than now.

Ok, i´ve found a computer around with some gamma versions installed and did some tests,
4.11-1055 works
4.11-1110 Fails
FontsBug.vl (12.8 KB)

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Hmm weired, your patch works over here. The font Bahnschrift is in the enum. There were however changes in that particular code path. What Windows version are you using?

It happens on several machines, i can not get it working with versions newer than 4.11-1110.
Is it due installed dependencies? Elementa perhaps?

In one of them, Windows 10 Version 22H2
Spanish, German, and English versions (i don’t know if it’s still relevant since they are just Language pakages)

Sanity check, does this return true for you? Because internally we use DirectWrite to read the font list, and it uses this version check for it.

WindowsVersionCheck.vl (3.7 KB)


Hmm not sure what’s going on here. Will try it later on a Win10 machine, see if it’s reproducible there…

can reproduce the bug with 4.12-1354 on 22H2

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can confirm (and was using bahnschrift here as well).

one additional aspect: the font actually is displayed when size is increased ( > 0.38 for me with the FontAndParagraph node)

Now I’m fully confused :) You say it’s displayed? So it does show up in the enum drop-down? I thought the issue here is that it doesn’t show up in the enum at all.

well, i was pretty sure that @lasal was talking about this phenomenon



  • bahnschrift does show up in the dropdown
  • it is not rendered in the renderer, unless the size exceeds a certain value

this font used to work without issues in earlier versions. also, other fonts (like Arial) work as expected.

Ok thanks, this changes things. Was looking into the wrong corner.

Found a machine where the issue is reproducible on our end as well. As you said, it broke between 4.10 and 4.11, which updated SkiaSharp from 2.80.3 to 2.88.1.
It can be reproduced in a little example project as well, by setting the SKCanvas scaling to 100 and the SKPaint.TextSize property to below 0.5. Text drawn with Bahnschrift does not appear.

Note that this issue is not present on Windows 11. So it’s somehow a weired combination of changes in Windows and changes in Skia. Not sure we’ll be able to track this down fully.

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