Some DX11.Particles die using SDFReflector

Hi evlibody
I want that particles bounce off my custom mesh.
I converted my mesh into a Signed Distance Field as explained here Convert Mesh to Signed Distance Field (thanks @antokhio for solution) and used a VolumeSDF node with the SDFReflector node from the FieldTrip pack.
It’s almost working. Particles bounce, but some of them die when intersect the SDF.
If I disable the SDFReflector node, they don’t die, so I think that something is happening there, but I can’t figure out what.
This is an example patch

EDIT: I just realized that the particles don’t die, but their position changes

Do you have suggestions or tips to fix this? Thanks

do you just mean they are getting stuck? Or other unwanted behavior? The Reflector node does not touch anything do do with lifetime iirc.

If it is that they are getting stuck in ‘sinks’ and you want to minimize this you can try adding a little shifting noise to the SDF

Thanks for reply everyone!
I realized that the error was in the volume texture I used, it was corrupted somehow.

Thank you also for the hint of adding the noise to SDF. very useful!

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