SoftKinetic DepthSense 311

Hi guys!
I just get the DepthSense 311 camera and have no idea how make it worked in VVVV. Any advices?

plugin-for-softkinetic-ds325-creative-interactive-gesture-camera-with-intel-perceptual- i should take this model, but it’s too late now :<

I’ve tried all variations (vvvv 28/29, 32 and 64 bit versions, Intel SDK Beta 2 and older one) and still get “unable to initialize the PXCUPipeline” in TTY Renderer.
Also, i’ve tried to disassemble that .dll that comes with @herbst contribution plugin for DS325 and trying to understand my problem, but no luck at all.

I’ve never seen any nodes for this. i think in order to get it to work you have to implement the sdk in a plugin. the plugin from herbst might be a good start.

Any source code from ds325 plugin?

I also tested stuff with DS311 before DS325 was available and made a plugin for that. I hope I will find time to dig it up and also publish it (completely different codebase than DS325, because latter works with the Intel SDK and drivers, not the Iisu one).


This would be great! Hope you can find some time for publishing it. As for now, i’m trying to figure some stuff by myself, but i’m afraid that this will take a hell lot of time.


I used JetBrains dotPeek to disassemble .dll for DS325, but it figured out that DS311 just don’t worked with Intel SDK, so, u must start from scratch, as @herbst mentioned.

@lintu: I started with IISU. It works with DS311 & DS325, but it is not free, the IISU require a license. So I guess I move to Intel… hmm, the chip, they say… is the same)

@herbst: Any chance to open source the Intel PSK DS325 node?


@lintu: just curious why you got the DS311 and not the DS325? I’ve tried herbst patch on DS325 and it worked well with the first release of Intel SDK…


Some sort of confuse — i was guided by “the longer maximum distance, the better” principle. And totally forgot to check driver compatibility before ordering one.

Yes, Intel SDK seems to work fine with DS325 and that Creative camera, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well with DS311.

I think for DS311 you would even need an iisu license (or 90 day trial).
I have attached something I made for the DS311, but I can’t test it anymore. It relies in the iisu SDK being installed, I think (but not sure, and maybe not the latest SDK version). So, lots of guesses here.

do not use this unless you have a DS311, totally experimental and deprecated, etc.etc. (70.2 kB)

Fail. CI checkbox (close interaction?) is activated in configurations, and i use trial version of iisu 3.5.1 (latest, i guess), but still getting “Cannot find ‘CI.Big5ActivationEnabled’ - path not found”.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help! I will try to mess around with this plugin a little more, maybe i’ll find a way to make it work.

I would suggest trying the SDK version before 3.5.1. If I remember correctly, the new SDK version came out about the time we switched to the 325 (and the Intel software).

@herbst @lintu

This is great to see the VVVV community interested in our technologies!

Here are some information to help you navigate between cameras and SDK:

  • DS325 and Creative Gesture Cam are 100% identical and both come from SoftKinetic

  • DS311 is the first camera that SoftKinetic released and is capable of doing both long range tracking for full body skeleton and short range tracking for hand and finger tracking
    -DS325 is second generation camera with better depth sensor, HD RGB and wider FoV (74° horizontal)but only provides short range mode. (We’re coming with a long range version soon)

  • iisu SDK is free for non commercial use and unlimited in time for the majority of the features (there are limitations after 3 months for the full body tracking, none for the hand/finger tracking)

  • iisu SDK is available on Win7/Win8, Linux (Android upon request)

  • iisu 3.5.1 SDK supports DS311, DS325, Creative Camera, Asus camera, Kinect camera, Mesa SR4000 and Panasonic camera

  • Intel SDK includes the iisu SDK for Hand/finger tracking (not the full body skeleton)

  • Intel SDK supports only the Creative Camera and unofficially the DS325 for Win7 and Win8

We strongly advice to start with iisu 3.5.1 (or PCSDK) for any new developments as the robustness of the middleware evolves super fast.

Hope this helps!

Eric - SoftKinetic