Hi guys.

Is there a way of softening the edges of a quad ?
Or any other shape ?
Like a light blur so I don’t see the edges sharply.

Thanks :-)

Have tried using a pillow?
Its a quad with softedges…

Hum I didn’t know that.
I tried it’s great for quads. Exactly what I needed.

But… any idea for other shapes like spheres of any .x file ?

Something that would work with any shape.


aah man,
don’t feed me with ideas,
i still have to work.

what about this?

Shape (DX9 Concentric).zip (4.2 kB)


i think that this perhaps could be done completely inside a shader?!?

I canno find how this works.
With the teapot I cant see a thing. Grey renterer.
I tried with different jpg as textures, still nothing.
I replaced teapot by square and it worked, I can see a quad.
But noway to blur the edges, Glowpapareters dont seem to do anything. :-(

and about the shaders… shaders you said ? I knew I would need these one day… but… hell they seem complicated for a newbe.

might be my mistake.
try this one.

btw.: what is “square”???

Shape (DX9 Concentric).zip (5.7 kB)

Wow @ Kalle, nice, (Connect a Blend to renderstate, and set it to ColorAsAlphaBlend, realy spacy!!)

Why didn’t anyone mentioned this:

Check the renderer with Herr Inspector and set the AntiAliasing settings to something that suits you… (but it consumes GPU power)


Shape works now but it doesn’t work in my case.
I need simpler stuff.
I thought of one thing doing tests in photoshop. (attached) Why not do it with light ?
Any ideas with lights?

Sorry for “square” I meant quad (I use it as a simple “videoscreen”. Is there a simpler way ?).

Tks :-)

bords flous.jpg (163.7 kB)

Have a look at spot.fx…Maybe that helps!

btw , how do you change the shape of the spot in the spot fx ?