Hi all,
I just made a patch for an installation with a multiscreen projection (2 vpj 2 machines + 1 server), every thing is ok, I can manipulate all the multiscreen options the only two that doesn’t work on the client machines are the calibrate and the softedge functions. On the server are ok, they are boygrouped I can change the values on single clients, but it doesn’t work. Attached is the patch I made for a 17 video but now I’m using only 2 videos.


va2.v4p (243.6 kB)

Mulitscreen subpatch uses a shader. Did you copy this shader to clients as well? Best is to copy all your patch vvvv-directory to clients at same path as server has. So, shaders and plugins can be used as they will not transfered in boygrouping - only patch and values will be transfered.

no offense, but you really should consider subpatches, that patch is a total mess

bjoern you’re right but it was made in a couple of hours step by step checking everytime if it works adding continuosly new elements and in one window was easier.
thanks frank for the answer I think the problem is only on the fact that the paths aren’t the same on server and clients

Still not workin’
I copied all the shaders module etc same structure as the master but the softedge doesn’t work
I tried to open the multiscreen subpatch in a client and I’ve noticed that the softedge is missing, I don’t know why, 'cause it shader and all modules are in the right place.

maybe a problem with wrong paths.
perhaps you want to know HowTo edit wrong Paths quickly

I solved the problem but now I have the softedge only on one side so I can’t make the stitching