Smoothing shader asking


i was looking at my television with my childrens. its a full HD, and i was very impressed that feeding it with classical DVDs was NOT giving a dirty 576 pixel quality.
There is a kind of algorythm inside recreating lines curves, smoothing pixel edges etc…

Suddendly, i was thinking about VVVV:

would that be possible to have such a shader able to smooth and recalculate lines edges from a low res texture to a big texture size ? recreating a good quality image ?

If yes, it would give another approach to deal with capture, effects constructions, enabling less ressources consumption until final result smoothing.

Unc, what do you think about it ?

Bicubic filter?
bicubic (ex9.effect)

hi lasal ;-) ah yes, somehow, would be great to gain edges and lines not only smooth blur, but yes its this idea ;-)

This would require some kind of morphological filter, deciding how to filter each pixel by checking the whole “pixel neighborhood”

there may be some gpu/shader implementations already…

master unc has spoken ;-)