Smoothing sensor values


is there a way to smoothing incomming values of a sensor (arduinoboard).

for example:
the value jumps in a fix position from 691-690-692-690 …

… i dont mean rounding.

thanks for your help

check the \girlpower\compare filters.v4p patch

i know the problem and just using filters will compromise the responsiveness of the sensor data.

there is a patch attached which should solve the problem. it freezes the values if just noisy values within a threshold are recognized.

ps: please register, give yourself a name (3.3 kB)

ps: please register, give yourself a name

we feel better if we know WHO we help, dear guest…


really nice module!

but i suggest to stick closer to the naming conventions.

*changed nodename
*changed helppatch-name
*changed little things in pinnames


Smoothen (Animation).zip (3.5 kB)

really nice thanks

mmm, not agreed kalle
its not smoothing noise but ignoring it when the sensor doesnt give a new value.

and are you sure it belongs to animation and everyone is going to find it there if coming across this problem ? its kind of a helper module for a specific problem related to devices. is everything animation which contains togedge,monoflop stuff ?

i’m not sure myself. thats why i didnt give it a category. but maybe its not the node category i’m not happy with, its the way how to find these modules…back to the old problem…the search system ;) we needs tags

@tags: we got them already. use ctrl+m on a module to enter tags.
ja, they are not yet used when finding nodes, not yet… you can already prepare by tagging your modules…

i didnt know this shortcut, hopefully this has an effect on the search system sooner or later. cheers