Smooth text scroll?


Im trying to get a smooth text scroll, but always getting a slightly jerky scroll. Actually, its jerkyness is hard to see, but sometimes the scroll is pausing for millseconds and than goes on.
It will be displayed on a huge screen, so you will see that.

-Any idea where to change some settings or a workaround?
-And why is the text blured, if its going to EX.renderer? Is it because Im not using 512x512 texture size, but 400x166px (but both renderer do)?

Thanks in advance

textscroll.v4p (14.3 kB)

GDITexture (EX9.Texture) has 2 hidden pins for setting Width and Height of the Texture. perhaps feeding them with your renderers backbuffer width & height helps.

use Info (EX9.Texture) to test GDITexture (EX9.Texture) s output.

hopefully this helps?!?

Thanks kalle but it didnt worked either. I guess its something about smallest available step versus pixelsize in GDI renderer.

Finally, I build a workaround for this with DX renderer and spreads having my text (from GDI renderer) as texture. This quad spreads I can scroll/move smoothly across screen.

Ive build a little module for this (actually its limited in texts amount 20 and textsize max 20px), but one can adjust it. May be someone will need it.

Textscroll Smooth (String).v4p (39.1 kB)

kalle IS right. In the first post you move the text in 166 steps through the screen so to speak.
Changing the res to your native display height will produce butter smooth results. In theory as at least I can’t push a 19201200 big gdi texture smoothly but that’s not the point. at 1281200 it is smooth as butter but for obvious reasons look ugly.

Text (EX9.Geometry) might be a good choice or is it too much text you need?

and switch the output renderer to fullscreen mode to evaluate the final result. mostly patches run smoother and faster in fullsceen mode.
setting the mainloop time mode to filtered will also reduce jitter if your patch is running with a stable framerate.

I never said Kalle is not right ;)

But sadly, my final resolution is 400x166px - its a Led wall behind frosted glass. Thus I cant run fullscreen either. I tried triple and native resolution at GDI and resize it for DX, but same same. I assume GDI runs with pixel internaly, not with floats (and resolution independent) like DX, but I dont know for sure.
Actually, its not that jerky on fullscreen, but if you have 166px only on a huge screen you will see that.

Anyway, Text(EX9) looks interesting. May be I can build my needs around that and simplify my patch.

I wonder what you are sending to your LEDWall, is it video? Or Color (asuming Pipet) or something else? I cannot imagine you HAVE to send 400 x 166 video to a LEDwall, because, well, there is nothing that can send exactly that resolution.

In any case, use a clean (fresh windows) dedicated PC and it should run smooth.

It isnt done with 4V.
Datas are sended by a special Java app grabing some pixels of the screen (at a specific pos and range) and transmited to Leds using Ethernet. Its from the Led-manufacturer.

“Java app grabing some pixels of the screen” sounds like a bottleneck. do you have access to sufficent documentation to access the LEDWall in a different way?