Smooth deform grid

what i want to do is basically transform a grid with a limited number of pickpoints. sounds easy ;)

but i want the grid to be deformed smoothly. for example i move one of the corners which makes the edges bend nicely.

i was messing with resample, b-spline, b-spline 3D…the mesh editor and so on…i made one patch which generates a high-res grid out of a low-res grid with the idea is if i move a point of the low-res grid i’ll get what a want…but it’s behaving strange.

anyway … i’m completely stuck. is someone clever enough to push me into the right direction ?

the attached sketch is not doing anything…just visualizing the problem.

sdg_sketch.v4p (5.4 kB)

short idea you can try: if you move one point of the grid, define a radius around it and translate all points in this radius with the same vector but downscaled according to the distance.

translation vectors: ti = t * (radius - distance)/radius
where t is the translation of the moved point


i refactored the girlpower patch
girlpower+ Curves\Deform by 2d B-Spline Surface.v4p

it works the same principle however i added the functionality to deform a 3d model at the surface.
so some complexity in the patches result from this feature. i hope you will be able to apply it to your easier case (and maybe win performance through simplification).

havvvve fun (6.7 kB)

sweeet ! this is it. gonna have a look at the patch instantly and learn :)

the purpose of this thing is simple. i worked several times with strange beamer/projector positions and this grid deformer combined with the multiscreen node is the weapon for these kind of real-life problems. gonna combine these things and add a remote functionality for wireless lan applications.

so u can stand in front of your projection and do all the correction on the fly.
cheers again !

real-life problems, right! ;)

Hi Guys,

I know this is a really old thread. But I am looking to do the same thing as u7angel.

I’ve played with gregsn’s file and I have simplified it. But now I’m stuck. I loaded a texture onto the grid but when I deform the grid the texture remains unchanged! I need the texture to “stick to the grid surface”

I’ve attached my modified file.

Please help!

thanks alot!!

3d grid (19.5 kB)

without defining texture coordinates it’s a wonder if you see a texture at all.

see instructions in patch

3d grid deformer texture (23.5 kB)

Hi kalle I played around with it and Its working fine now!

thanks for your help!

thats what i see

grid deformer_texture_problem-DirectX Renderer_2007.12.04-19.38.30.jpg (29.9 kB)

and this… no text …

grid deformer_texture_problem-DirectX Renderer_2007.12.04-19.39.47.jpg (163.2 kB)

and thats what the patch should look like…

grid deformer_texture_problem_2007.12.04-19.40.06.jpg (129.3 kB)

Hi Kalle,

Thanks for your help. I’ve worked it out - however its strange because I modified the patch exactly as your last pic shows but the result is the same as before. For some reason I had to do it another way.

anyways it works now and thanks for your help again

ScreenHunter_116.bmp (125.0 kB)

I wonder how would this work together with the MutliScreen module?

Can be posted a working patch ?

doesn’t seems so :)

i think you can achieve similar results with a kind of verlet integration, perhaps :/

what is verlet ? i’m trying to do it with a grid deform, but as i posted, i’m not able to manage texture vertex position :)

is there any sample patch for it ?

yup, the startup patch for beta17 :)


When I am adding new points with the control count UV to the grid (grid deformer texture prblem), it go back to his original shape, like I have four points and I am working with these points distorting the grid, if I want to add new points it goes back to the shape when I had started working.

Is there any way to deform the grid, add new points and not go back to the start up shape ?


I want to hide the yellow line and the points, how can I do this ?

if anyone out there can help me out … i ´ll be glad.

ok,its working now, stupid me. thanks for this smooth path