Smartphone to touch surface

Hello VVVVolks,

How to connect smartphones to touch surface where it exactly displays the phone interaction. Found some link working for iPhone but need to understand how this is realized and for other platforms like Windows phone, Android etc. Has anything similar already done with VVVV?

actually that story is pretty disgusting from multiple point of views

What a troll, will consider making a viral video for teleportation and send pictures from Jupiter and finally claim it was a joke ;)

Is it theoretically not possible to make something like remote smartphone controller like remote desktop control? I understand there is big challenge in scaling up resolution but even complex is to detect from touch surface to interact with the actual phone. Or is it something to do with smartphone OS gotto allow in SDK?

thanks microdee for this link. i missed the fact it was all a fake. whats the point if you end up having nothing to show except you managed to fool people.

well i know some remote desktop solutions for android i think some of them can emulate touch events for windows 7 as well but they’re all around $10. but i don’t know anything backwards. it could be done however using a phone with an hdmi or wireless media-link output connected to an FTIR table and a background app could probably receive and emulate touch events for android through udp. i don’t know about the last part though if that’s possible or only the cell phone’s touch screen can send touch events for security reasons

Thanks for the info, looks promising. I still wonder that the trollers could have considered making the product real when everything was set so big.