Smart spreading of a halo ring animation

Hello, i have done an animation of a halo ring by modifing its halo texture using a dynamic texture (as can be seen in the node’s help patch), i’d like to spread it so i can have multiple of them on the screen but i also want that the timings are different so the animation wont be always the same on every spot it appears…
I really can’t achieve this last point…i can spread it but can’t manage to change the timings of the animations…(for example i’d like that if i have 2 halo ring animations when one is at 100% the other is at 50%…)

i have attached the patch i’m using to create the animation, hope you can help me, thanks!!

if you sort out some easier wat to achieve the same effect that could make my life easier in spreading it i’d be happy to know that :)

halo ring animation - spread.v4p (21.5 kB)

ai crash,

key to the solution is spreading one of the DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture)'s inputs, like i did with its Width.

then of course you also need to double the spread that goes into its input. for that i spreaded the LFO (Animation)'s phase.

halo ring animation - spreaded.v4p (23.1 kB)

thank you so much!!! i was missing the spread on the DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture) input…

but now…can you help me understand why this dynamic texture spread does not work? it’s easier than the previous one but now i am using a dynamic texture (color) and not (value) - by the way i have tried with a dynamic texture (value) too and does not work either.

again…thanks everyone!

dynamic texture spread.v4p (10.1 kB)

anyone??.. no text …

seems to me this a question quite unrelated to the topic. please start a new topic (i have my answer ready) and set this thread to solved.

done ;) thanks