Small problem with framecounts and slice numbers and such

Ok, I’m trying to learn vvvv and i usually manage to do this by working on projects that are relatively useless apart from to solve their purpose.

Interested in the live editing capabilites of vvvv i decided to try and make a patch that can pause the webcam feed, then when pause is untoggled, it will catch back up to the original feed in a method similar to watching fastforward on the tv.

its quite simple and i have probably massively overcomplicated things, but no matter how much i mess around i cant seem to get it to work. And i have no idea why.

well. thats what it looks like. i used the reverse node (thanks Kalle) to try and simplyfy the returning to realtime, instead of making something count down to 0.

Any ideas? Or am i approaching this in entirely the wrong way?


pls attach the patch itself

yeah good point.


PLAY PAUSE2.v4p (15.0 kB)

it is really not too easy to deal with that queue.

this patch should do it. but sometimes it doesn’t. have a try

tv.v4p (15.4 kB)

wow that works great. thanks!

well im gonna now spend the next 2 weeks trying to figure out how this works… :)

yeah sometimes it catches the previous image from the last pause, but ill try and figure out why it does that.

I think I sort of understand how it works. i was trying to use counters earlier on, but i found them more of a hinderance than anything else. But thats probably becuase i wasnt using the TogEdge node. the switch is clever two. because one of my problems was the maths was giving a stupid number that caused it to chose frame -1 or something while it was just playing normally. but this works better because it doesnt cache frames when it doesnt need to.

And i think i understand how the overflow on the counter is used as well. taking every third frame is good as it means it will catch up without the need for any real “fast forwarding”

well i hope i’m getting this right. thanks for your help gregsn, i really appreciate it :)