Small delay bug with bangs

hi there,

while debugging a game i’ve recently done i found that bangs were not always carried through delay nodes, then i realized this was due to the mode (linear/point) :D
as i’m using the delay node for ages (not for logic stuff though) and i didn’t know about that, please find an udpated help file as my suggestion (as for me also it was obviously not expected default behaviour- being part of the animation nodes however i guess it’s how it should be).

ANYWAY, when trying to put together a simple patch for you to show the “bug” i’ve actually found a real (but small) one :D
when delaying a bang (from lfo) in linear Mode the interpolated value seems to be inconsistent: sometimes it seems to be <0.5 (delay counter smaller), sometimes it seems to produce a value >0.5 for more than 1 frame (delay counter bigger).
at least that’s the only explanation i can come up with atm ;)

all the best

delay_bug.v4p (7.9 kB)
Delay (Animation) help.v4p (10.1 kB)