Slow Users Page

Clicking on Users results in very slow loading. I guess this is due to show all the Users on the Map. Is there a way to speed this up ? Caching ? Showing the Users List first instead of the Map ?

edit: it doesnt happen all the time. once i have looked at the map and go to the page a second time, its faster.

Hello u7angel,

I agree, it takes 4x more time compared to any other page. I would like to bring another point to notice, how about roll over on users link and sublink shows up so we can choose the desired link straight? we don’t need to click main link and then wait for submenu to click again. same for home, documentation and download link. Thought it would be handy.

I’ve changed the way caching works on the users page. The cache got flushed everytime a business or userpage was changed. Now there is a minimum cache lifetime of 6 hours, so the map might not reflect changes straight away, but it should be faster.

ok, but changing the map to be the second or third button is no option (userslist first) ? so people could go into Users and decide to view the map or go quickly into businesses etc ? i’m probably getting on your nerves, dave :)

hehe no problem, I could do that, but that would be up to joreg to decide, let’s see what he says.

@urbankind: do you mean a roll over like there is on the 3rd level of the menu? that might be an interesting idea, I like it. I’ll have to see if I can manage to make the menu behave that way.

@Dave : Yes mate. Something like the “new” link beneath search field works same way. Glad you like it :)

to add a bit of evidence

if one doesnt know this page is just horribly slow, it would look pretty broken…doesnt it ? and this happens on a regular basis every day.

u7angel, we’ve added a “landing page” to the users section now as a sort of work around. seems like all my caching approaches didn’t really work properly on the map. sorry about that, but you can load a map with only the businesses now too, which is much faster than loading all the users.

hi dave, coolio. much better.

to be a little bit picky, the layout of the landing page could be improved. there is three times USERS, breadcrumps and two headlines, maybe one headline is enough.

and one suggestion, i quite like the big buttons on the licence page like “Buy Full Licence”. compared to them some links/buttons on the whole website could be emphasised like this. for example the Users Page links (map, list etc.) the small blue texts are sometimes overlooked. thats a general problem of course and better not mixed up throughout the whole website ?!

and to add more “complains”, having buttons on the map page to switch between users and businesses would be awesome :)

ai u7,
the users page was a quick shot for now… a redesign targeting the problems you mentioned is already in the making…

super. looking forward to see it.

and oh dear, just seen another thing. why is the user mojo more active than me with zero real activity ? see userlist :)