Sliding Menu

How to do a sliding menu, like it is popular for clock setting (image)? With around 10 menu entries. Has someone done something similar in vvvv an can help?

And a more fundamental question:
How to get the right mouse coordinates if the menu is created in a separate renderer/sub-patch that is placed as texture in another renderer?

Thanks for any suggestions!

See these patches, might be of some help:

Hey man/woman, (just register, so we can relate this to other questions you might have)

How do you expect us to answer this? Patch a ready to go interface all set and done?

First of, show us how far you are, and where you are stuck, than we can help there. Second, it looks like an Iphone interface, I don’t have an Iphone, so i do not know how it should react/work, so perhaps post an animation.

Compensation for the mouse really depends on how it ends up to be.

Sorry I can’t help. This one is also cool: