Slider- Value only

Does anyone have a patch for a slider that just outputs a value? I found one on this site but it seems to be specific for x and y? Ultimately, I’d like to learn to create a two dimension slider that can be used to connect to a transform and be used to move an object around in 2d spcae by dragging the crosshair around the render window and connecting to the translate x and translate y nodes of a transform. I am stuck on creating the slider.

did you want to use the GDI or DX9 rendering system ? the Renderer nodes have mouseX and mouseY output, use them (or the Mouse (System Window) node) and map it to the range you like. or dou you want to have the slider inside the patch ?

It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s gdi or dx9, although I did like the look of the ex9 slider located on this site. I want to use it as a position control in a video layering patch. THe video patch will run full screen on a secondary monitor. I’d like the 2d slider on the primary monitor as a way to position the top layer via a transform in the video patch. I tried to use the on this site but it only worked for the y-transform. For some reason the noded connected to the x transform didn’t send properly.

I see what you’re saying with the mousex and mouse y outputs, but I only want to change the value when the mouse button is held down. I also would like to see lines crossing where the value is set. Suggestions?

Theres one buried in my video mixer monstrosity, I think its called xy or something, I used lots of instead = so its a bit of a mess! Have a look in the mixer directory, or I’ll see if I can tidy it up if your lucky!

an IOBox can be changed to a XY-slider:

XY_Slider.v4p (2.4 kB)

xy-slider (ex9)

you just need to do the linecrossing yourself :)

xy-slider.v4p (19.93 Kb)