Slider operation changes through switch

Im controlling the alpha level of a QUAD using the SET ALPHA node. To input the value, im using an IOBOX(value advanced). On its own, this work fine, but i wanted to control the alpha level by other means as well, such as LFO’s.

I have used a SWITCH(value input) with the slider and LFO’s going in to the input’s and the output connected to the SET ALPHA.
the LFO control data works fine (ie it gradualy increases), but the slider now seems to output data as an on/off switch would, not incrementally.

do i need to set something special when using sliders with switch boxes?

cor blimey, that was an easy solution…

i put a few too many zero’s on the max value, so the fade was happening realy quickly at the start of the fader and seemingl acting just like a switch… doh

***VJ air gets back in his box